International Watercolour Festival in Tirana

International Watercolour Festival in Tirana

At the beginning of May, the main watercolour event of the year "Tirana International Watercolor Biennale" was held in Albania.

From May 2 to 10, the capital of Albania hosted famous and successful artists from all over the world. Talented watercolour artists came to Tirana to depict in their works its incredible nature, architecture, and historical landmarks: Hong Shan, Alexandra Bryksa, Atanur Dogan, Selma Todorova, Krasi Todorov Art, Levent Oyluçtarhan, Jorge Corpuna, Lefter Ceko, Miran Kim.

The festival brought together international watercolour artists with the aim of promoting art around the world. There were workshops, interactive activities, and live watercolour demonstrations throughout the week. The festival also continued the tradition of artists painting live in Tirana and its surrounding fortresses and landmarks.


The ROSA company was pleased to join a major watercolour event as an art partner. We are proud to have world-renowned watercolorists showcase their skills using Ukrainian watercolours. Additionally, each participant received a dot card featuring new colours of ROSA Gallery watercolour paints.

The main gift from ROSA was presented to the artist and publicist Dash Frasheri. Thank you for the article about ROSA, and for appreciating and mentioning us in your posts!


Two more watercolour gifts went to young artists: Izmir Bahja and Kristina Bozha.

We wish all prize winners of the festival new creative achievements and interesting ideas for implementing in their watercolour works!

Thanks to the successful activities of VIZart, Tirana has become the center of watercolor activities and exhibitions worldwide. Additionally, the VIZ Art Gallery is being established in the city of Belsh, which will become a center dedicated to creativity, the exchange of visionary energy, and an alternative arena for contemporary art in all its forms.

Many thanks to the organizer of the watercolour event in Tirana, Ormir Lulan, and the president of IWS Albania and the founder of VIZart, Helidon Haliti, for the development and promoting of watercolour skills in the world.

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