New sets of ROSA Studio acrylic paints for 18 and 24 colours

New sets of ROSA Studio acrylic paints for 18 and 24 colours

Sets of acrylic paints are presented in a cardboard box with a recognizable design; the tubes are placed in a plastic blister, which adds convenience during use. The updated packaging format makes it convenient to store and find the desired colour easily while working.

From now on, you can purchase a wider selection of acrylic paints in 20 ml tubes, thoughtfully selected from pure colours. This expanded palette allows artists to explore new possibilities and create basic colour mixtures using pure colours.

Beginners do not need to choose paints individually - new sets, selected by professional artists, have all the necessary colours to start painting in the technique.A set of acrylics with a classic palette will always come in handy for an experienced artist. New sets of acrylic paints are an excellent gift option for a creative person!

The acrylics are made of high-quality finely ground organic and inorganic pigments on the basis of up-to-date acrylic dispersions. Creamy paint consistency allows the artists to use paints undiluted. ROSA Studio Acrylics form strong elastic film and have a slightly glossy finish once dry.

Кеу properties:
• New sets of 18, 24 colours of 10 ml in metal tubes
• Plastic blister makes it convenient to work with
• The creamy consistency of the paint is ready to work without further dilution
• Good coverage
• It is spread evenly over the surface
• A wide range of types of packaging allows you to choose a convenient size and method of use

ROSA Studio acrylic paint sets now include the following sets:
• 12, 24, 36 colours in 10 ml tubes
• 6, 12, 18, 24 colours in 20 ml tubes

ROSA Studio Acrylics are the best choice for those who study, paint in the open air, or work in the studio and are a great gift option for a creative person.


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