New: Decorative Fluorescent Acrylics from ROSA Talent!

New: Decorative Fluorescent Acrylics from ROSA Talent!

By popular demand, meet the new line of ROSA Talent Decorative Acrylics - 4 popular 20 ml fluorescent colours that shine under ultraviolet light:
• Yellow
• Green
• Pink
• Orange

ROSA Talent Decorative Fluorescent Acrylics mixes perfectly with other fluorescent colours as well as with all classic types of acrylic paints. When mixed with matte or glossy colours similar in tone, the brightness of the latter is enhanced. The high concentration of pigment in the paint provides rich, bright, clear colours after application and a high level of fluorescence.

ROSA Talent Decorative Fluorescent Acrylics is easily and uniformly applied to any surface: ceramics, wood, paper, cardboard, primed canvas, metal, leather and is a trending material in the modern decorator's arsenal.

Key properties:
• Popular bright colours
• High pigment concentration in the paint - high level of fluorescence
• Mixes well with classic acrylic colours, enhancing their brightness
• Surfaces for painting: ceramics, leather, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, primed canvas, etc

Create a unique decor with ROSA Talent Decorative Fluorescent Acrylics; add some brightness, radiance and youthful style to ordinary household items!

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