Artists' Watercolours in tubes Classic 14 col. ROSA Gallery

Artists' Watercolours in tubes Classic 14 col. ROSA Gallery

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Key properties:
• Organic and inorganic pigments
• Organic gumarabic
• High lightfastess
• High pigment concentration
• Clear and vibrant colours


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CLASSIC set combines the traditional colours of the watercolor painting techniques. Wooden case makes the set interesting and presentable and will be useful for keeping paints and artistic accessories.

ROSA Gallery Artists' Watercolours give the artists opportunity to apply various art techniques.

• The colors of the paint are the same in both the tub, and in the dish - the only recipe
• Paints are well blurry even after drying.
• Base 100% natural gum arabic
• Cobalt, cadmium and earth colors are based on natural pigments
• Most colours of the palette - single-pixel, which makes it possible to create pure shades when mixing
• High lightfastness of pigments will keep working in its original form over time

Watercolours in tubes is a new opportunity and freedom in the work for the artist:
• Easy set of paint on the brush
• Work in large formats
• Formation of different color palettes for different work
• Paint painter's control of the concrete moment
• Ability to create your favorite color from several single-pixel ones
Thanks to the stylish design of the wrapping and a wooden case with a cover palette and an burnt logo, the set of ROSA Gallery CLASSIC watercolours in tubes is an exquisite gift for a professional artist.

Paints in the set:
702 – Cadmium Lemon, 731 – Cadmium Yellow Light, 705 – Cadmium Orange, 706 – Cadmium Red Light, 725 – Madder Red, 711 - Green, 712 - Emerald Green, 716 - Cobalt Blue, 715 - Ultramarine, 717 – Indigo, 719 – Yellow Ohre, 722 - Umber, 720 - Sepia, 724 - Neutral Black.

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Gallery
Type of colours Watercolor paint
Paint level Professional painting
Packaging Set
Volume 10 ml
Type of packaging Aluminum tube
Effect Classic colors
Number in the set 14
Frost resistance до 0