Hand Primed Linen Canvas Rolls ROSA

Hand Primed Linen Canvas Rolls ROSA

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Canvas: pure linen 
Sizing: three-layered 
Primer: - four-layered oil-emulsive, white - four-layered acrylic white, black 
Packing: each item is packed into the shrinkable transparent film


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ROSA Hand Primed Linen Canvas Rolls are high quality surfaces for painting, created for professional artists who prefer to stretch the canvas on a stretcherbythemselves.

ROSAcanvases are made ofpure linen which has been serving as a traditional painting surface for more than two centuries.

The advantages of linen canvases are their durability, resistance to any kind of deformation as wellas temperature and humidityfluctuations. Linen canvases stand out for their unique weave pattern that are formed due to the peculiarities of the structure of flax fibers. It always gives the painting "alive" and dynamic eect and also provides betteradhesion with thickpaint layers.

Large and medium grains help to highlight the relief of painting; these canvases are used for large paintings, landscapes, impasto and painting with palette knife. Fine-grained canvases are the best choice for classic fine art – portraits and still lives. ROSA linen canvases are available in three kinds of grain texture with the finished weight 2 from 310 to 750 g /m . This allows the artists to choose the best canvas due to the genre of a painting theyhave in mind.

Prior to priming, durable and elastic sizing is applied to canvases in order to prevent paint from penetrating to the backside.

We do priming and gluing by hand using specialbrushes and rollers. Hand priming allows us to monitor the product quality at each stage and preserve the structure of canvas. Hand priming adds charm and character to the painting. We use oil emulsion and acrylic primers in white and black colors to prime linen fabrics. The primers of two types give the choice to the artist either to work traditionally with oil paints on the oil emulsion canvas, or to use the advantages of the modern acrylic primer which is suitable for both oiland acrylic paints.

ROSA Hand Primed Linen Canvas Rolls are available in the following lengths: 3.0 m and 10.0 m and widths: 1.5 m and 2.0 m.

ROSA canvases must be stretched onlywith dry method ofstretching.

canvas: pure linen

sizing: three-layered

primer: - four-layered oil-emulsive, white - four-layered acrylic white, black

packing: each item is packed into the shrinkable transparent film.

Storage conditions for subframes:
Store at temperatures from 5°С to 25°С and a relative humidity of 55±5%
Does not contain harmful substances
Safe, when used for intended purpose
Expiration date: unlimited.

Data sheet
Brand ROSA
Canvas Linen
Soil color White
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