New: Author's colour from ROSA company and Viktor Sydorenko

New: Author's colour from ROSA company and Viktor Sydorenko

Meet the new special Author's colour created in collaboration with the famous Ukrainian artist Viktor Sydorenko and ROSA company!

Viktor Sydorenko's deep red is a unique colour of ROSA Gallery's professional oil art paints that will amaze you with its depth and versatility from the first stroke.

Viktor Sydorenko's deep red is an exquisite and complex dark red colour. The unique combination of the cold shade of madder lake and warm iron oxide makes the colour unlimited variable. At the same time, the active and complex Deep Red retains its exceptionality both when mixed with white and in mass.

The author enthusiastically talks about the peculiarity of his colour:
"Red colour palette is huge but, of course, I wanted to have my own colour. It's not regular paint! Such a beautiful shade... I wanted to create a paint that would combine the transparency of madder lake and, on the other hand, have covering ability. "

The new colour is presented in a size of 45 ml and harmoniously complements the palette of red colours of ROSA Gallery oil paints..

The main properties of Deep red colour from ROSA company and Viktor Sydorenko:
• The unique rich and deep red colour in mass, reveals its complex delicate tone when glazed;
• High-quality pigments provide amazing colour shades when colour is diluted or white paint is added.
• Thick consistency perfectly holds the dynamics of a stroke and is perfect for both classic painting and impasto.

Thank you, Mr. Viktor, for your collaboration and trust! With enthusiasm and inspiration, we build the art history of Ukraine together!

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