New: Artists' acrylic primer ROSA Studio

New: Artists' acrylic primer ROSA Studio

Meet the novelty for large-format stretchers: from now on the ROSA Studio artists' acrylic primer also in the increased volume of 1000 ml!

1000 ml volume of primer is the best choice for studios and workshops where acrylic primer is used in large volumes; for artists who create the basis for painting by themselves. It is also a good offer for craftsmen who decorate and paint interior items, and the primer is used as a basis for better adhesion and for overlapping the colour of the background before decorating.
Bucket packaging with a handle is smooth inside and has an airtight lid, which makes it easy to use. After opening the bucket, the primer does not dry out, it is convenient to pour the required volume from it and collect the remains from the walls of the container.

Basic properties of ROSA Studio artists' acrylic primer:
• Volume 1000 ml is the best choice for studios, workshops, large artworks.
• Quality proven over time that we keep to when creating ROSA canvases
• Optimal white
• Creamy consistency
• Bucket packaging with a handle and an airtight lid

Latex and titanium dioxide combined assure ideal white, even application and high elasticity of the primed canvas. It is possible to use different applying techniques depending on the result expected. Applied in thin layers, ROSA Studio Acrylic Primer preserves the canvas texture, while tough layers provide smooth and uniform surface.

Use water dissolvent for different consistency levels. Instruments are easily waterwashed just after using.

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