More sets of watercolour paint in tubes from ROSA Gallery

More sets of watercolour paint in tubes from ROSA Gallery

We are pleased to introduce you to new ROSA Gallery CLASSIC Watercolours sets in tubes for even more opportunities for watercolourartists! 

Now available are not only the gift-ready sets of watercolour tubes in a wooden case but also compact 12 and 24-color sets in lightweight cardboard packaging with an inspiring design and an additional window, allowing a view of the tubes. The inclusion of a plastic blister adds convenience to your creative process – providing a clear view of the tube layout and allowing for quick identification of colors. During transportation, the blister prevents deformation of the tubes, so they will reach you safe and sound.

For beginners taking their initial steps in painting, the pre-selected color palette will be a great help, while professionals will appreciate the inclusion of essential colors. You don't need to choose paints individually - new sets with a classic palette are selected by professional artists and have all the necessary colors to start working in the technique.

A watercolours set CLASSIC combine traditional colours for watercolour techniques.The paints are easily diluted with water and collected on the brush, both directly squeezed out of the tube and those that have already dried on the palette.

• Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow
• High-quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colours
• High pigment concentration supplies the artists with a wide range of colours: from airy transparent to full opaque
• Most of the colours in the range of the set are monopigmented, which allows you to create pure shades when mixed.

ROSA Gallery Artists' Watercolours give the artists opportunity to apply various art techniques.
ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are designed and produced in Ukraine.High-quality materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment ensure ultimate quality of our products.

ROSA Gallery Artists’ Watercolours are developed according to the requirements and recommendations of the professional artists.


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