Stamps for block printing Embroidery ROSA Talent

Stamps for block printing Embroidery ROSA Talent

28 stamps for block printing of Vyshyvanka (Embroidery) series from ROSA Talent to create patriotic decor quickly on various surfaces!

Ukrainians are talented people because every family has their national clothes, created with their own hands. Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) is the genetic code of Ukrainians, a cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.

We have selected the most popular patterns of Ukrainian embroidery and reproduced them in stamps for block printing from ROSA Talent so that the creation of Ukrainian patriotic patterns is accessible to everyone and can be implemented on various surfaces.

Cute roses, viburnum, delicate sprigs of flowers, and traditional ornaments of national embroidery are classic motifs that will look especially harmonious on clothes: blouses, T-shirts, denim clothes; accessories: shopping bags, bags; festive kitchen accessories: tablecloths, runners, napkins.

The repetition of the patterns on different interior objects will look especially stylish: a tablecloth, an apron, dishes, and panels.
Combine new block printing motifs with existing patterns: geometric elements, leaves, and twigs to create a harmonious finished product.

Stamps for block printing are necessary tools for conducting master classes because, with proper care, they can be used many times.
Involve children in creativity and use stamps for block printing to create postcards, eco-bags for storing sweets, and decorate craft bags for gifts.

There are many options for using this tool to create:

Patterns on textiles. This is a classic option for using stamps. For this technique, special acrylic paint for fabric and natural fabrics without thick places and knots must be used: linen, cotton, calico. Stamps can be applied to the fabric by combining different motifs from the series. So the product will look more interesting.

 Impressions, creation of relief on unbaked products made of ceramics and polymer clay. Clay objects look special: pots, plates, and panels with three-dimensional relief patterns. To make the image more visible, the pattern can be painted over with colour.

 Images on postcards and scrapbooks. Stamps are a quick help in creating a postcard when we are short on time and materials. All you need is a base for the card, a stamp, and acrylic paint for decoration. The main requirement for creating a clear, high-quality image is to apply acrylic decorative paint to the stamp with a sponge and without excess.

Impressions on kraft paper bags and packaging. Choose soothing, natural colours for stamping so that it looks harmonious.

A little tip: when you stamp on paper repeatedly without applying paint, your patterns will have an aged effect, which looks very interesting and special.

Main properties:
• 28 motifs of Vysyvanka (Embroidery) series;
• A universal tool for creating prints and impressions on various materials;
• The material of the base is MDF, and the material of the stamp is plywood.

Create Ukrainian embroidery with ROSA Talent stamps for block printing!
Wear and use special things with pride and honor for years.

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