Acrylic paints ROSA Studio in soft-pack

Acrylic paints ROSA Studio in soft-pack

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Кеу properties:
• Optimal amount of paint
• Convenient packing with a dispenser
• Sealed packing with tamper-evident
• Creamy consistency provides smooth and easy brushing
• Slight glossy finish once dry


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Artists' paints ROSA Studio in 200 ml size are a good solution for working in studios, educational institutions. A larger size of paint packing and the convenience of dispensing onto a palette for each student is exactly what are needed for a comfortable organization of the learning process.

A soft-pack with a dispenser is airtight, which guarantees long-term and reliable storage of the product. The dispenser allows you to conveniently squeeze out the paint and distribute it between students in the studio and in the open air. The packing is compact, which will save space in the bag when carrying. A durable, dense packing will protect the paint from damage if dropped or when transporting.

ROSA Studio art paints in 200 ml size are:
• Optimal amount of paint
• Convenient packing with a dispenser
• Sealed packing with tamper-evident

Artists' Acrylics in 200 ml size:
• The optimal amount of paint for work in the open air, with large-format paintings or wall painting.
• Vibrant acrylic colours blend easily and form new shades
• Due to the optimal viscosity of the paint, you can use various tools (brushes, palette knives, etc.)
• Light gloss after drying adds a peculiar charm to acrylic paint

The advantage of buying artists' paint in a large container is convenience and at the same time savings compared to a tube, especially when it comes to large-scale works and high paint consumption.

This product is available in the following range:

TUBE 75ML  Banks 400 ml  SET OF ACRYLIC PAINTS 6, 8, 11  

Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Type of colours Acrylic colour
Paint level For pleiners and working in the studio
Number of colors in the palette 24
Packaging Single
Volume 200 ml
Type of packaging Soft-pack
Еxpiration date 2 years
Frost resistance до 0